Kumbum Monastery

The Kumbum Monastery

The Kumbum Monastery, Taer Monastery in Chinese, is a Tibetan Buddhism Lamasery which is situated in the southwest suburbs 25 km away from Xining. Visitors can visit here from Xining easily while traveling to China.
Kumbum Monastery is one of the six great Gelukpa sect monasteries in Tibet. Kumbum Monastery and Labrang Monastery are the two most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries outside Tibet. The monastery was built in 1583 AD by the third Dalai Lama in memory of the founder of Yellow Hat Sect, Tsong Khaps, who was born in here and then he went to Lhasa when he was 18 years old.
The monastery is consisted of a number of magnificent buildings including the Great Temple of Golden Tile, the Lesser Temple of Golden Tile, the Great Meditation Hall, the Eight Stupas, the Longevity Temple and the Nine-Room Hall etc. There are always Buddhists who are prostrating in the temples.
The butter sculptures exhibition will impress the visitors with its splendid color and figurines in the monastery.