Tour Types

We classify the tours as below that help you make decision for your China holiday tours.

Budget Tours
Budget Silk Road trips are for those who would like to explore the real life and stunning sights in order to acquire the unforgettable travel experiences on an affordable way.

Comfort Tours
Comfort Silk Road trips provide comfortable 4 star hotels, flights and soft sleeper or bullet trains to enjoy the fun of travelling on the Silk Road in China and neighbor countries.

Luxury Tours
Luxury Silk Roads trips are well designed for high-end class to enjoy the combination of the extreme comfort and the most convenient travel while immersing into the authentic culture.

Active Tours
Active Silk Road Trips are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for challenging adventures including trekking, camping and climbing that require a high level of physical fitness.

Special Silk Road Tours
Each of the Special Silk Road trips has a theme to be focused on to explore religion, ethnic group, food, and architecture etc., specialized in unique cultural tailor holidays in China.

Classic China Tours
Classic China Tours cover most of the popular travel destinations in China, presenting a multi choice to exhibit a splendid life and sights from big metropolis to remote countryside.

Great Wall Hiking
Great Wall Hiking is wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the imposing charm of the ancient Wall by travelling the intact sections in China.

Yangtze River Cruises
Silk Road Trips can book different classes of cruises sailing downstream or upstream through the Three Georges of the Yangtze River in China.

City Tours
City Tours offer various trips in classical destinations with well designed itineraries to explore the colorful culture and stunning scenery in a short break.