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Hike in China

  • Price : US$3899.00
  • Hike in China is a best way to travel to China, it offers the off-path view and incredible authentic story. Hiking in the mountain and villages will be the best travel experience to China.

Trek Mt. Kailash in Tibet

  • Price : US$6059.00
  • This is a classic Tibet tour to pilgrimage the Mt Everest and Mt Kailash. Visit the unique Tibetan cultural sites in most areas in Tibet. It is also well-known for the imposing snow-covered mountain scenary.

Loulan and Lop Nur Adventure

  • Price : US$6399.00
  • Loulan and Lop Nur are the most remote part on the ancient Silk Road. This adventure will let you explore the historical and mystery Loulan and Lop Lur in the Taklimakan Desert. This is a adventure tour, you have to know it is not comfortable tour. You will camp and eat canned food etc.

Taklimakan Desert Adventure

  • Price : US$6880.00
  • Taklimakan Desert is the biggest desert in China, located in Southern Xinjiang. It is an unusual experience to hike in it to acqure the knowledge about the amazing nature in the world.

K2 Expedition

  • Price : US$10888.00
  • K2 is the second highest summit in the world after Everest with an altitude of 8612 meters. This tour will let you explore the amazing peak in northern part of K2 in Xinjiang China.

Trek Muztagh-ata Peak

  • Price : US$8989.00
  • Muztagh-ata Peak is located in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China, and callesd the Cradle of Climbers. Trekking Around Muztagh-ata Peak offers opportunity to conquer the well-known snow-covered mountain.

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