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Touring on the ancient Silk Road, which was a main trade route in the history, strolling along the majestic Great Wall of China, wandering among the magnificent monuments and rich relics, are only possible for those who travel to China.

Traveling to China is like traveling to a civilization that has well balanced its economic growth and developments with the rich culture that runs thousands of years back in time. From the delicious and different cuisines to cuddly giant pandas, secrets of the ancient world to modern technology and beautiful natural landscapes to contemporary skyscrapers will be unraveled in front of your eyes if you travel to China for your China holiday tours. Join hands with to choose the best tour package that fits your budget, time and tastes. The team is a well-seasoned team with years of experience planning the most significant memorable tours to China. Travelers who have an urge to travel to China, visit TODAY!

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Silk Road tours provide various ways to explore the stunning attractions, enjoy the splendid ancient civilization while travelling on the historical route in China.

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China Tours cover most of the popular travel destinations in China, presenting all sorts of interesting tours to exhibit amazing lifestyle and views from big metropolis to remote countryside.

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From cities to countryside, from Beijing and Shanghai to Xian and Guilin, there is always something to seek and explore in China. Come with us to see the most popular destinations recent years.

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