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Guiyang (briefly named "Zhu"), 贵阳 in Chinese, located in the eastern Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in Southwest China, is the capital and center of politics, economy, science, technology and culture of Guizhou Province, as well as one of the inferior open cities in China. This area has been a part of recorded history since the Shang Dynasty, about 3, 000years ago. Because the city lies on the south (south of the mountain is regarded as yang in ancient China) of Guishan Mountain, it was named Guiyang.

Guiyang enjoys a warm and moist subtropical climate, where the average temperature during the year is 14. 7 ℃ to21. 9 ℃ in summer and 6. 6 ℃ in winter. The annual relative humidity, precipitation, sunshine-time and frost-free period are 80%, 1, 200 millimeters,1, 354 hours and 270 days respectively. With 34. 8% of its administrative area covered by some 184, 000 hectares woods, Guiyang is called "The City of Forest."It produces rice, corn, tobacco, cork, raw lacquer, and timber.

At the end of 2002, the population was 3. 4 million. About 1. 6 millions were urban inhabitants who accounted for 47% of the total. There are 37 minority ethnic groups in Guiyang who make up15. 4% of the total. The Buyi and Miao population is 71. 3% of the total minority groups.

The famous scenic spots of Guiyang includes the Qianling Hill, Hongfu Temple, Qilin Cave (Unicorn Cave), Fufeng Hill, Dong Hill (East Hill),Wenchang Pavilion, Jiaxiu Pavilion, Flower Stream, Underground Park, Forest Park, Huangguoshu Falls, etc. among which Huangguoshu Falls is the most famous in all of Guizhou Province, moreover it is the biggest waterfall in China.

Guiyang Travel Guide

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