Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions
Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips have taken due care and responsibility to verify and check all information on our web sites as at the time of compilation, however, it accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or misdescription contained in the publications.
You fully understand that when purchasing tourism products and services through Silkroadtrips both now and in the future, including but not limited to flight tickets, hotels, vacation packages, train tickets and bus tickets, that you shall assume relevant obligations and rights in accordance with the instructions, regulations and policies listed on relevant websites. You must strictly comply with the aforementioned instructions, regulations and policies, which along with this Terms of Use constitute the agreement between you and Silkroadtrips.
Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips shall not be responsible or liable for any death, disability, injury, damage, liability, loss, cost, expense, delay, inconvenience and/or loss of enjoyment which is or may be suffered or incurred by you or any other person or corporation caused or contributed to directly or indirectly by or arising from or in connection with:
a. any force majeure or other events beyond the Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips's control, including but not limited to war, civil disturbance or unrest, terrorism, acts of government or any authorities, weather, tsunami, earthquake, wind, fire, flood, strikes or industrial action, illegal activities, accidents, failure of transport carriers, machinery or equipment;
b. the inability of the Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips, tour operators, charter operators, hoteliers or carriers to comply with any special request relating to age, medical conditions, physical ability or disability, dietary requirements, allergic conditions or smoking or non-smoking accommodation or seating;
c. negligence by, delay in or cancellation of services or any other act or omission of any airline, charter boat operation, land operator, transfer company or any other persons or company providing goods or services in respect to your booking arrangements; and/or
d. you or any other person contravening or failing to comply with any laws, notices, instructions, tour information or itinerary provided by any Government, regulatory authority, the Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips, tour operators, charter operators, hoteliers or carriers or otherwise any other act or omission of you or any other person, including being affected by alcohol or drugs, engaging in dangerous behaviour, being reckless, not taking adequate precautions or due personal care or otherwise entering into situations exceeding your or any other person’s abilities.

Conditions of Booking
1. Recognition and Acceptance of the Privacy Policy
Respecting your personal privacy is one of the fundamental policies of Silkroadtrips compiles and displays travel services information for your benefit. In addition, it allows you to contact and reserve the aforementioned travel products. By completing the registration process and clicking the "Agree and Register" button, you are aware of the information described in this Privacy Policy, and agree and accept all the terms set out by Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips.

2. Usage Regulations
When using services provided by SilkRoadTrips/SilkRouteTrips, you shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China ("China") and other jurisdictions, if applicable. 

3. Standard Cancellation Policy:
Notification of cancellation must be made to Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips in writing by email. The date when written confirmation of cancellation is received by Silkroadtrips will determine the charges applicable. 
Loss of money paid is as follows for multi-day tour or day tour with train/airfare involved:
Cancelled inside 7 days prior to travel are non-refundable.
Cancelled between 8 days to 15 days prior to travel - 50% The tour fee is refundable 
Cancelled between 16 days to 30 days prior to travel - 70% The tour fee is refundable 
Cancelled 31 days or more days prior to travel - 100% The tour fee is refundable 
Loss of money paid is as follows for day tour or activity without train/airfare involved:
Cancelled inside 2 days(48 hours) prior to travel are non-refundable.
Cancelled 2 days or more days prior to travel - 100% The tour fee is refundable. 

Validity of Rates: Prices are valid for the dates indicated.
Currency: All rates are quoted in American Dollars, or as otherwise indicated.

Payment Options
Travel Online offers a secure server for your credit card payments. Alternatively, you can wire the payment to us. Please visit our payment page for more details.

Travel Insurance
It is extremely important that you take out Travel Insurance. It is ESSENTIAL that this insurance covers you for involuntary cancellation of your holiday including airfare(s). 

Web text and images
All maps, photographs, illustrations and computer based graphics are included for general purposes only and are not always indicative of the subject matter. Hotel room photographs (graphics) may not be specific to the actual room occupied. Maps are not to scale.

All quotations are subject to availability of services quoted and are not guaranteed until the booking is confirmed and deposit received. Quotes are valid for 48 hours from issue date.

Site Copyright
The copyright on all original/custom artwork, maps, navigation elements, presentation methods and design elements included in our web sites is held exclusively by Silkroadrips/SilkRouteTrips. Copyright on all descriptive text is held by Silkroadtrips. Copyright on selected photographic images is also held by Silkroadtrips/SilkRouteTrips.
Please contact us if you have any further queries about our security, privacy or data handling procedures.

Governing Law
This contract and all matters arising from it are subject to General Principles of Civil Law of People's Republic of China (1986) and Guangzhou courts only will have jurisdiction over any dispute arising under this contract.

We reserve the right to amend the above disclaimer and other terms and conditions from time to time.