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Lanzhou, 兰州 in Chinese, is the capital of Gansu Province Situated in the heart of continental China, it is known as the "capital of hinterland China." Its total area is 13, 000 square kilometers with a population of 3. 14 million. At an altitude of 1, 524 meters, the coldest temperature is-7 0 C. In January the hottest temperature is 23 ℃. Annual precipitation in the province is between30 millimeters and 340 millimeters Sandstorms occur in April and May.

Founded about 2, 200 years ago, Lanzhou was called the "Gold City" after gold was found there. Lanzhou was incorporated as Jincheng Prefecture during the Han Dynasty. The first permanent bridge across the Yellow River was erected here in 1907,and may still be seen linking the main part of the city with the northern bank. Much of Lanzhou has been rebuilt in recent years, and it is now a modern industrial city. As a modern petrochemical industrial powerhouse, a science research center, and a land of melons and fruits, Lanzhou has emerged as a major commercial and trade center in northwest China. It is also the center province.

The traditional tourist attractions in the city Lanzhou include the Green Corridor of Binghe Road (stretching al the way from the Sun Yat-sen Bridge, the White Pagoda Park, and the Waterwheel Garden to the Statue of Mother Yellow River), the Bingling Temple, the Provincial Museum, the Mountain of Five Springs, Lanshan Park and Xinglong Mountain in Yuzhong County.

Lanzhou Travel Guide

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