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Tibet is an eternal topic and is in the dreams of so many people. Here Tibetan Buddhist monasteries blend into the landscape, becoming navigation landmarks. Imposing fortress ruins cling to sheer hilltops. Nomads herd yaks in snow-dusted pastures. Pilgrims prostrate their way across the land to reach the sacred city of Lhasa. Its unique high altitude, mysterious and exotic religious culture, majestic highland and extraordinary people reward every tourist with indelible lifelong memories.

It is a miracle that the Tibetan lifestyle has been the same as it was several thousand years ago. We could never find any traces of modernization and industrialization here. Tibetan Buddhism is the dominant religion in Tibet, which inhabits most Tibetan's hearts u Tibetan expresses their sincerity to gods by constructing monasteries. Thus, a great deal of splendid monasteries, vivid murals and sculptures, and solemn stupas were built to worship Buddha. Lhasa and Shigatse, the most important cities of Tibet, feature most of the religious monuments including the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, as well as the Drepung, Sen Ramoche, Tashilunpo and Sakya Monasteries. Besides the monasteries, sacred mountains and holy lakes are also great places to show the Tibetan people's devotion to Buddha. This strong religious faith is an important element attracting tourists from the world toTibet.

Religious monasteries are central to Tibetan culture. For 1, 000 years Tibet was run by its monasteries, which overlooked every town and settlement. These monasteries were not only religious centers, but also played an important role in educating people and spreading Tibetan art and culture. For Tibetans, being initiated into Buddhism and renunciation into the monastery is a sacred and glorious event. Every family in Tibet was expected to give at least one son to a monastery to serve as one of its monks. It is estimated that about one-fifth of Tibet's male population were celibate monks. The religious life, which was open to all, was the only avenue of education, higher social status, and power. The monasteries were the only centers of learning art, literature and medicine in Tibet. They embodied every formal aspect of culture.

The place most worth visiting in Tibet is, of course, the Potala Palace. The Potala Palace, which is now on the list of Chinese national key protected cultural relics, is the most valuable storehouse in Tibet. It is a huge treasure house for materials and relics about Tibetan Monastery, religion, culture and art. Being the residence of Dalai ma and his large staff, Potala was also the seat of Tibetan government. All ceremonies were carried out here and it housed a school for the religious training of monks and administrators. Since the tombs of the Dalai Lamas were located in the palace, it also served as one of Tibet's major pilgrimage destinations.

Tibet Travel Guide

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