Mingsha Shan and Crescent Spring

Singing Sand Dunes is situated 6km south of the city Dunhuang, but the city has never covered by the sand amazingly, because the wind is always from north to south. It is said that you can hear the echo from inside of the sand if many people slide from the Dunes at same time. 

There are five different colors for the fine sand here, hence we also called the multi-colored sands. The entire Sand Dune area covers over one hundred square kilometers, the Crescent Moon Spring is just located in the center of the desert, it's amazingly never covered by the sand either.

However the spring is shrinking resulted from the increase of the population that needs more water, so that the administrative organization for the Dunes built a man-made pool to keep the water level stable, and hope it will stop the Crescent Moon Spring to shrink.

You can ride camels to wander around the Sand Dunes. You can also climb up the Summit to view the endless sand.

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