Overhanging Great Wall

Overhanging Great Wall, Xuanbichangcheng in Chinese, is situated 6 kilometers to the northwest of Jiayuguan Fort, and 11 kilometers away from Jiayuguan City. As a key part of the defense network of Jiayuguan Fort on the ancient Silk Road, it was built in the year 1539- 1540 AD during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) to fight against the invaders from north and west.

It was originally built in 1539, through some reconstruction and refurbishment, including the addition of stairs, occurred in 1987. Located on the eastern slope of Black Mountain, it looks like a grey dragon overhanging on the mountains from a distance, hence the name.

It is recomended to visit both Jiayuguan Fort and Overhanging Great Wall in Jiagyuaguan while travelling to China on the Silk Road for your China holidays.

Though it looks quite steep, it is easy to climb up in one hour. It opens daily, and the entrance costs CNY21 per ticket.

  • Overhanging Great Wall
  • Overhanging Great Wall