Wei and Jin Tombs in Jiayuguan

There is an ancient cemetery in Jiagyuguan that were mainly built in Wei and Jin Dynasty, 1500 years ago, near Jiayuguan Airport. During Wei and Jin Dynasty(220-419 AD), there were wars in the inland china, but Jiuquan and Jiayuguan were far away from the wars so that the society was much more stable. The Wei and Jin ancients tombs extend about 20 km in the Gobi desert, and are well-preserved due to the dry climate and few people. In 1970s, the archeologists had excavated 8 tombs, 6 of which were built with painted bricks with stunning colors. These tomb brick paintings depict various scenarios including hunting, farming, wedding, offering, trading, weaving etc. which offer us the original social mirror for 1500 years ago.
When you travel to China, and visit Jiayugguan, you can visit one ancient tomb where there are plenty of brick carving and paintings in the original tomb. Moreover, there is a exhibition hall where there is painted coffin to exhibit with detailed patterns on it.
The painting Estafette was found in the tomb, and was indicated as the token of China Post due to its vivid image.
Unfortunately, the ancient tombs are often stolen recent years as it is hard to protect on the vast desert.
There are very few travellers visiting here, but it is really worth visiting.
Entrance fee is CNY31, and you have to pay the museum guide fee depending on the group size.

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