Daxu Old Town in Guilin

Daxu, 大圩 in Chinese, is situated in the south-east of Guilin, about 18 km from Guilin. Daxu Old Town was built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD), and still preserves its original buildings and style.

Daxu Old Town is paved with stone for about 2 km and leading to the picturesque Li River. You can wander around the workshops and indulge into the local peaceful lifestyle, then walk to the Li River here.

There are well-preserved old houses flanked on both sides of the old town. There are temples, a mosque, family temples in the old town. Longevity Bridge, a stone bridge built in Ming Dynasty (1368--1644 AD), probably is a must-see attraction in Daxu Old Town. You may enjoy the river view on the bridge.

Like most old towns, there are shops and stand selling various local food and snacks, you may try some of them, particularly local rice wine.

  • Daxu Old Town in Guilin