Lingqu Canal

Lingqu Canal, 灵渠 in Chinese, is one of the oldest and well-preserved ancient water conservation projects in the world, in Xing'an County, south China's Guangxi Province. It is 60 km away from Guilin, the travelers can take one-hour ride to Lingqu from Guizhou. With an overall length of 36.4 kilometers (22.6 miles), the canal connects the Xiang River and Li River, and consequently links the Yangtze River and Pearl River systems, creating a critical irrigation system.

The history of Lingqu Canal can be traced back to 221 BC. The canal was built firstly for military purposes and then became a civilian waterway. Today the travelers can wander along Water Street Scenic Area that is 1km-long on the banks of the canal. The street is built with Qin and Han architectural styles including the ancient-style bridges, stone carvings, and pavilions etc.

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