Basha Miao Village

Basha Miao Village (Chinese name: 岜沙苗寨) is lied in Bingmei town, 7 kilometers from Congjiang Count, Guizhou province. The Basha Miao village is surrounded by ancient trees, natural scenery and rice terraces. 

Basha Miao village is renowned as a "living fossil" and "museum" of Miao culture for its unique local residents and women's headwear. Both men and women can be seen in traditional costumes, wearing their hair long.

Basha Village, which is named The Last Gun Tribe in China, keeps the tradition of hunting with their own weapon. It is amusing to view the performance of their welcome ceremony by the gunmen at the village entrance.


Admission: 80 yuan ($11.55)/person

Address: Bingmei town, Congjiang county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture, Guizhou province

  • Basha Miao Village
  • Basha Miao Village