Id Kah Mosque

The Id Kah Mosque is located on the central square in Kashgar City, Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region. "Id Kah" means: a place of praying and celebrating in festivals. As the biggest mosque in China, it is a group of old Islamic constructions with strong ethnic style and religious features.

It is said that this place was once a cemetery. The present one was built in 1442 as a very small structure. Several renovations and enlargements have created it with today's scale and style.

Thousands of worshippers come here to pray every day. During religious festivals, all the Muslims in Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region come to this sacred place to celebrate. At prayer time, the mosque, square, streets and roads all around are full of piously kneeling Muslims. Afterwards, Muslims stay together on the square in front of the Mosque, dancing to show their happiness, with no sign of exhaustion.

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