Kashgar Bazaar

Kashgar Bazaar or Kashagr Market is well-known in Kashgar and the world for its big size and thousands of sellers. the meaning of Bazaar is market, which originates from Uygur language. In Kashgar, the East Bazaar used to be the traditional bazaar which was originally held on Sundays. However, it become ordinary market after 1992, still there are more people on Sundays. 

Animal Bazaar used to be part of the Kashgar Bazzar, but it is built in the suburb of the city now near the airport and opens only on Sundays. The daily opens every day, where you can "buy everything except for your parents " as per local Uyghur proverb. There are all sorts of fruits, dried fruits, clothing, vegetables, carpets, food, scarves and etc. in the market. You can always get at least one thing in this bazaar as the souvenir of your trip on the Silk Road. 

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