Animal Bazaar in Kashgar

There is an interesting local Sunday Animal Bazaar in Kashgar, which is situated near Kashgar Airport. On Sundays and in the afternoon of Thursday, the Animal Bazaar takes place, but more livestock on Sunday. The Animal Market used to be part of the great Sunday Bazaar, but it was moved to outskirt separately nowadays.

Local Uyghur farmers drive trucks or carts to transfer their sheep, cows, horses, camels, donkeys etc. to the Animal Bazaar where the traders and other farmers will bargain for the business.

The broker always plays key role for the animal trade, by their hands hidden in the long sleeve to negotiate the business, and nobody knows how much the trade is apart from their own.

It is like a festival in the market, there are stands selling Kebabs, Pilaf, Nang bread, fruits beside the animals.

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