Gansu Provincial Museum

Gansu Provincial Museum, located on the bank of the Yellow River in the provincial capital city Lanzhou, is one of the integrative local history museums. The museum has abundant and characteristic cultural relics collection. The museum was set up in 1956 and In 1999, Gansu provincial government invested 150 million RMB Yuan for the new expansion of the museum.

In the museum there are rich collection of cultural relics, fossils and specimens, totally 355,364 pieces, that are excavated in the area. Those painted pottery of the Neolithic Age, the documents of wooden and bamboo strips of the Han Dynasty, documents, and treasures of the Han and Tang Dynasties from the Silk Road and Buddhist artworks are very delicate to attract the visitors.

There are three permanent exhibitions of the museum Civilization along the Silk Road within Gansu, Gansu Painted Pottery and Paleontological Fossil of Gansu in the museum, normally it takes about 1.5--2 hours to visit here.

Note: Gansu Provincial Museum closes every Monday, opens from Tuesday to Friday.

  • Gansu Provincial Museum
  • Gansu Provincial Museum