Bezklik Grottos in Turpan

When you travel to China, particularly on the ancient Silk Road, you will learn plenty of information about Buddhism because the Buddhism entered into China from Western Region along the Silk Road. Bezklik Grottos in Turpan is one of these caves on the Silk Road, which started to build from 5th century, and flourished between 7-10th century, and was abandoned after 15th century completely. Located 50 km away from downtown Turpan, the name Bezkilk is from Uyghur language, meaning of hillside as it is situated in the valley of Flaming Mountain with imposing mountain view. It was the royal monastery for the royal family in Goachang Kingdom and Gaochang Huihu Kingdom in the history from 5th to 10th century. There were colorful frescos to depict the Buddhism, donors, and local life etc. Unfortunately, these sculptures and frescos in the caves were damaged badly, then were stolen from 1904—1913 by 4 foreign teams, and housed in different countries including Germany, Russia, India, and UK. Von Le Coq from Germany was the first European to steal the frescos from Bezklik. Nowadays there are 83 caves, 40 of which still have frescos and sculptures. The unique Manicheism paintings were found in the Cave 38. The visitors can visit 6 caves representing different periods. Entrance fee is CNY40.

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