Emin Minaret

It is situated only couple km from city downtown of Turpan, built in 1777 by local King Suleman to commemorate his father. This is a typical Uyghur architecture with the height of 44 meters, and diameter of 10 meters, with 72 spiral stairs in it. It used be the minaret for the imam to call for the praying, now it is protected by the state though the mosque next to the minaret is still alive for local Muslims to pray. Emin Minaret, or Suong Minaret, is worth visiting for itsarchitectural treasure when you travel to China on the ancient Silk Road.

The complex is composed of the big yard, the impressive minaret, and the mosque. In the mosque, you will view the 108 original wooden pillars to construct the roof of the mosque. The magnificent minaret is under the blue sky with the grape vines, the mosque to establish the picturesque token of Turpan Basin.

There is an Islamic cemetery behind the minaret, of which most of the tombs are in the shape of the local cradles, because local Uyghur believe that the dead will go back to where they were born.

  • Emin Minaret