Toyuk Valley

In Turpan, Xinjiang province, China, there is a traditional Uyghur village with a history dating back 1700 years ago, that is located in Toyuk Valley. Tuyok is from Uyghur language which means passless valley, Located 55km east of Turpan city, Toyuk is the saint place for both Budhism and Islamic. In the valley, there is well-known Toyuk Grottoes that was built firstly 1700 ago but abandoned during 14-15th century. However, the caves were damaged badly, only 10% frescos is preserved. A 7-being Saint Mazar is also situated in the valley, it is said a Muslim can come here to pilgrimage 7 times instead of Mecca if he can not travel to Mecca.

  • Toyuk Valley