Xinjiang Museum

Xinjiang Museum, situated in Urumqi, where the relics and well-preserved Chinese mummies are exhibited. Among which, you will find the spectacular one standing out from the rest named "Beauty of Loulan," who was buried 4,000 years ago near the town of Loulan in Taklimakan Desert. "Beauty of Loulan" was remarkably preserved in an open coffin under hot desert sands of the Taklimakan when she was excavated in 1980.

On the first floor of the museum, there is ethnic groups exhibition hall to display the costumes, vessels etc. Another exhibition hall displays the relics exhibited from Xinjiang province from ancient time to modern time, including porcelain, pottery, paintings, silk, figurines etc. 

Please note Xinjiang Museum closes on Monday, free of entrance charge. It is highly recommended to visit on the ancient Silk Road while travel to China.

  • Xinjiang Museum