Banpo Museum in Xian

Xian, one of 7 ancient capitals, is well-known for many interesting historical sites to visitng. Banpo Museum is a site with few travelers know about it, actually it is very interesting as an ancient matriarchal village dominated by ladies 6000 years ago, located in the eastern suburb of Xian.

The ruin of Banpo Village was excavated in 1953, with an area of 50,000 sqm, of which there are three quarters including residential quarter, pottery workshop, and cemetery. The colorful potteries are exhibited in the exhibition center that proved they knew how to make various potteries already.

Banpo Museum is built on the original site of the ancient village where there are 46 houses, 2 enclosures, 6 kilns, tombs, and storerooms etc. In terms of the excavated food, Banpo people already knew how to plant millet, cabbage etc. They lived on fishing and hunting around the Chan River near the village so that the fish played very important role in their daily life. There are plenty of fish patterns on the pattern which mirrored their world.

The ruin of Banpo Village proved the prosperous period 6000 years ago during New Stone Age.

Plenty of stools are discoved in the ruin, and a pottery musical instrument Xun was also excavated here, which is mimiced to make souvenirs to sell in Xian.

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