Beilin Museum in Xian

Beilin Museum, or Stele Museum in English is located in Xian near the south gate the old city wall. The history of the Beilin can be tracked to Tang Dynasty (607-918AD), then it was rebuilt and expended many times in the history. Current museum is constructed on the basis of ancient Beilin and Confucius Temple. The complex of Beilin Museum is consisted of Confucius Temple, Steles, and Stone Carving Art Exhibition Hall. There are hundreds of steles made in different periods by famous scholars who wrote the essay including religions, family, society etc. 

There are well-known Horses Carving that excavated in Zhao Mausoleum, 4 of which are in Beilin Museum, each horse is carved vividly on the stone with its own name. 

It is nice to visit here after visiting the old city wall in Xian. Entrance fee is CNY75.

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