Grand Mosque in Xian

There is a well-known Muslim Quarter in Xian for Hui ethnic group to dwell, where there hundreds of shops, restaurants, stands etc. selling all sorts of things. However, a very nice and quiet mosque is just situated in the center of the Muslim Quarter, which was firstly built in 742AD during Tang Dynasty(618-907AD), then rebuilt and expanded in 1765AD during Qing Dynasty (1644-1911AD).

The mosque is famous for the traditional Chinese architecture built with bricks and wood. This is a typical Chinese style mosque, which is divided into 3 compounds. The wooden carving, brick carving and calligraphy in the mosque are very delicate which create a wonderful Chinese complex.

The praying hall is the biggest building in the mosque which can let 1000 people pray at same time. Moreover, the mosque is the Koran school to teach local Muslims about the Islamic.

Do not miss the mosque while travelling to Xian, China.

Entrance fee is CNY25.

  • Shaanxi Grand Mosque