Qianlin Mausoleum

Qianlin Mausoleum was built for a couple, Emperor Gaozong and Empress Wuzetian in Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). However they were buried in 2 separate tombs; between these 2 tombs lies Sacred Road, with sculptures standing on both sides of the road. There are imposing Sacred Road, the famous stele and the big tombs etc.

Moreover, the Tomb of Prince Yide who was buried nearby is very well-known for its tomb paintings. There are 40 well-preserved pieces of tomb paintings about the daily life of the royal family including the hunting, fighting, rituals and maids. These tomb paintings mirrored the high art standard during the Tang Dynasty. It is impressive to view the mausoleum while travelling to China on the ancient Silk Road.

  • Qianlin Mausoleum