Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

As one of China's most popular touristsites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museumis situated about 35 km east of Xian. This incredible collection of well over6,000 figures was accidentally unearthed by a group of local farmers trying todig a well in 1974. After the initial discovery, archaeologists quicklyrealized that oxidation was damaging the long-buried figures they hadunearthed, and today portions of the site are sealed off from the public forcontrolled excavation intended to better preserve the original colours of thepainted figures. The life-size warriors stand in ranks as if awaiting a battle;each warrior is unique, with different facial expressions and sculpted handsholding real weapons.

There are three exhibition pits built onthe original sites of the warriors, and one bronze chariots exhibition centerfor the tourist to visit.

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