Huangyao Old Town

Huangyao Old Town is situated in the northeast of Zhaoping County, Guangxi with a history that can be traced back to a thousand years before. It is at the lower reaches of Li River and 200km from Guilin. and been reckoned as mini-Guilin for its typical development of karst topography. Covering an area of 3.6 square km, the town is skirted on all sides by spectacular hills, crystal clear waters, caves and towering old trees.

The old town is paved with flag-stones that is a nice experience to walk on it. The town streets are steady even after hundreds of years' serving. Marvelously according with traditional Chinese derivation, the layout of the town 's architectures is of southland style displaying the primitive simplicity with blue bricks and black tiles. More than 30 temples, ancestral halls and pavilions are well preserved, as well as numerous exquisite cultural relics.

  • Huangyao Old Town