Yingxi Fenglin Corridor

Yingxi Fenglin Corridor is a 20-km place in Yingde County, renowned for the karst mountains.

Because these impressive natural mountains are similar to those in Guilin, Yingxi Fenglin Corridor is named after Little Guilin. 

The corridor is about 150 km away from Guangzhou, and it takes about 2.5 hours to get there from Guangzhou by car.

There are more than 1000 different shapes of karst mountains here to create a picturesque landscape. The misty hills, rivers, caves, lime stones, 600-year-old arch bridge, and bamboos are wonderful to explore. It is a fantastic area to hike along the rice paddies through the mountains.

Moreover, there are local yummy food to taste including Tea Chicken, Tofu Bean curd, and Mountain Fish etc. 

The main attractions here are the Chuantian Cave(Cave Wonderland), Little Guilin Rong Qiang, Peng Family Castle, Fenglin Little Town, bamboo rafting, Guanyin Valley, and underground river rafting etc.

  • Yingxi Fenglin Corridor
  • Yingxi Fenglin Corridor